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Mastering Math Manipulatives, Grades 4-8 - Book Cover

Mastering Math Manipulatives, Grades 4-8

Hands-On and Virtual Activities for Building and Connecting Mathematical Ideas

It’s time to dive in and join in the journey toward making manipulatives meaningful so math learning is concrete, profound, and effective for your students!

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  • Grade Level: PreK-12
  • ISBN: 9781071816073
  • Published By: Corwin
  • Series: Corwin Mathematics Series
  • Year: 2021
  • Page Count: 288
  • Publication date: October 28, 2021

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Put math manipulatives to work in your classroom and make teaching and learning math both meaningful and productive.

Would you like to bring math learning to life and make it more concrete, relevant, and accessible to your students? Do you wish you could do more with the manipulatives buried in your supply closet? Do you want to more effectively use virtual manipulatives in your distance learning? Whether physical or virtual, commercial or home-made, manipulatives are a powerful learning tool to help students discover and represent mathematical concepts.

Mastering Math Manipulatives includes everything you need to integrate math manipulatives—both concrete and virtual—into math learning. Each chapter of this richly illustrated, easy-to-use guide focuses on a different powerful tool, such as base ten blocks, fraction manipulatives, unit squares and cubes, Cuisenaire Rods, Algebra tiles and two-color counters, geometric strips and solids, geoboards, and others, and includes a set of activities that demonstrate the many ways teachers can leverage manipulatives to model and reinforce math concepts for all learners. It features:

  • Classroom strategies for introducing math manipulatives, including commercial, virtual, and hand-made manipulatives, into formal math instruction.
  • Step-by-step instructions for over 70 activities that work with any curriculum, including four-color photos, printable work mats, and demonstration videos.
  • Handy charts that sort activities by manipulative type, math topic, domains aligned with standards, and grade-level appropriateness.

It's time to dive in and join in the journey toward making manipulatives meaningful so math learning is concrete, profound, and effective for your students!



Sara Delano Moore photo

Sara Delano Moore

Sara Delano Moore is an independent mathematics education consultant at SDM Learning. A fourth-generation educator, her work focuses on helping teachers and students understand mathematics as a coherent and connected discipline through the power of deep understanding and multiple representations for learning. Sara has worked as a classroom teacher of mathematics and science in the elementary and middle grades, a mathematics teacher educator, Director of the Center for Middle School Academic Achievement for the Commonwealth of Kentucky, and Director of Mathematics & Science at ETA hand2mind. Her journal articles appear in Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School, Teaching Children Mathematics, Science & Children, and Science Scope.

Kimberly Ann Rimbey photo

Kimberly Ann Rimbey

Kimberly Rimbey serves as the Chief Learning Officer at KP® Mathematics. A life-long teacher and learner, her heart’s work centers on equipping teachers and helping them fall in love with teaching and learning over and over again. Kim’s interests include high-quality professional learning models, building conceptual understanding through multiple representations and meaningful discourse, and building pedagogical content knowledge that goes beyond the theoretical and into the classroom. Always a teacher at heart, Kim has served the Executive Director of Curriculum and Instruction for Buckeye Elementary School District, Chief Learning Officer for the Rodel Foundation of Arizona and the Mathematics Program Area Coordinator for the Paradise Valley School District.

Everything Kim has done in her career is based on what she learned during her 18 years as a mathematics coach and elementary classroom teacher. Having started her teaching career as a kindergarten teacher, she frequently says that everything she needed to know about teaching, she learned in kindergarten. Kim is National Board Certified in Early Adolescent Mathematics, and she is a recipient of the Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics Teaching. Kim is the co-inventor of KP® Ten-Frame Tiles and has authored and co-authored several publications, including Mastering Math Manipulatives for Corwin, The Amazing Ten Frame Series for KP Mathematics, The Amazing Ten Frame Series for KP Mathematics and Math Power: Simple Solutions for Mastering Math for the Rodel Foundation of Arizona. Kim earned her BA is in Elementary Education and Mathematics from Grand Canyon University, her M.Ed. degrees in Early Childhood Education and Educational Leadership from Arizona State University and Northern Arizona University, and her Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction from Arizona State University. She lives in Phoenix, Arizona.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Introduction: We Know Manipulatives Matter, but….

Chapter 1: Base Ten Blocks

Chapter 2: Fraction Manipulatives

Chapter 3: Cuisenaire Rods

Chapter 4: Unit Squares & Cubes

Chapter 5: Algebra Tiles & Two-color Counters

Chapter 6: Geometric Strips & Solids

Chapter 7: Geoboards

Closing Chapter: Continuing the Journey



Price: $38.95
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